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Celery Juice for Diet: Benefits and Contraindications – Since celery is very rich in oxolates, we should not abuse it in large quantities, especially if we have inflammation or other bladder conditions.

Have you used celery juice in your diet? Are you sure it’s the best way to eat it? In this article, we will tell you more about the properties, benefits and contraindications of the juice of this vegetable.

Celery is a plant belonging to the family Apiaceae. The scientific name is Apium graveolens. The healing properties of this plant have been known since time immemorial. Indeed, Charlemagne issued an order enjoining certain plants and plants, including “apium”, to grow in his fields.… Read the rest

What is Ketosis? Risks and Benefits – Following a ketogenic diet and getting into a ketosis can have other health effects that are not necessarily related to weight loss. We tell you in detail.

Certainly, at one point, you have heard of low carbohydrate diets, protein diets or proteinates, and even ketosis as a way to lose weight. And you may not know exactly what these terms refer to.

In the state of ketosis, the body is able to easily oxidize fats, including the reserves of the individual. This is why there are many diets that induce this condition for the purpose of reducing body fat. You want to know more about this subject.… Read the rest

What is an Eating Disorder (Third review) – People who compulsively eat do not usually clean as bulimia. There are a small group of people who move from time to time but are not as regular as those who suffer from bulimia. They may be more likely to gain more weight than is genetically considered a cultural ideal.

They are therefore subject to different diets that are opened and then organize a party for that hunger. Or they can eat for emotional reasons: to feel better about themselves, to have fun, to avoid situations that disturb them, to hide their emotional suffering. Whatever the reason for the party that eats too much, a diet program is not the right answer.… Read the rest

What is an Eating Disorder (Second review) –


Eating disorders can be treated and people can rehabilitate themselves. However, the recovery is not only to end hunger, to leave a party or to clean (vomit, laxative, exercises, diuretic drugs). To take systematic recovery into account, this should include identification of healthy eating and weight patterns and resolution of medical, psychological, social, and family issues contribute to the development of the disease.

Successful service must be very disciplined and very individual. Treatment should begin with a medical evaluation and individual psychotherapy, such as psychotherapy, relational therapy, group therapy, drugs to improve depression, anxiety and other similar disorders, hospitalization and counseling should continue with the development of a plan.… Read the rest

What is an eating disorder (First review) –

1. What is eating disorder?

A person’s attitude toward food and weight, work, school, relationships, daily activities and emotion-related emotions are either eaten or determined by numbers in balance or equilibrium (Siegel, Brisman). and Weinshal, 1988). People with eating disorders are characterized by:

  • Excessive intake of food, which can be manifested by significant weight loss, rapid weight gain or significant weight fluctuations.
  • Generally, the perception of distorted body signs (hunger, anger, fatigue, etc.) accompanied by body image is not satisfied.
  • Fasting, fasting, compulsive nutrition, random use of laxatives, weight loss medications, diuretic drugs, and unhealthy practices such as excessive exercise.
  • Irrational fears of weight gain and obsessive desire to lose weight.
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Aerobic Workout for Weight Loss – Aerobics is excellent, although it seems that the craze for aerobics has passed and that it is very different today from what has flooded the world and put it to work. “Aerobics, aerobics that has never existed before.

This type of exercise was very fashionable a few years ago. At some point, you can find many of your friends and family in your local aerobics gym. After this health education, fashion has become a lot of different exercises, such as training.

But aerobics has not disappeared: over time, it has become one of the most sought-after forms. It has been developed to lose weight and get in shape.… Read the rest

Aerobics for Effective Weight Loss – As per a US think about led as of late, high impact exercise is the best answer for getting thinner as it consumes the abundance calories. This is the reason vigorous exercise stays a standout amongst the most well known approaches to get thinner ever.

Oxygen consuming activities help get in shape as well as have long haul medical advantages. Additionally, high impact exercise can be fun and extremely pleasant.

There are different sorts of high-impact schedules, extending from the progression heart stimulating exercise routine in which a raised stage is utilized to perform different activities to the water vigorous exercise in which developments are done in chest high warm water.… Read the rest